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How I Fixed My Focus and Improved My Productivity (Fighting ADHD)

This may seem hard but if you are truly focused on getting things done, you could easily do so. You do not need to be an anti-social. You could still enjoy your office mates company during lunch or coffee breaks. You might as well join them at after-office get-togethers for some chit-chats. You are in the office to work, not to socialize. However, instead of feeling depresses and sulking into the taste of defeat, people can use this as an opportunity to make themselves stronger. This is by using these emotions and experiences to increase their productivity. Productivity is indeed one of the best ways to live a good life. This is because if one is productive, he or she can set goals that are within his or her reach. In the same quarter, output and productivity growth rates in the Euro Area turned negative following the traditional pattern that employment growth does not adjust as quickly to a deteriorating economy in Europe as it does in the U.S. Presently, productivity growth rates in advanced economies are falling below historical structural productivity trends. Some writers put in some qualitative indicators which create problems, although the rest confine the discussion of productivity to simple O/I (output and input) factors. Some of the productivity measurement techniques are the following. Mundel (1989) Mundel created a computer software package that evaluates productivity. The main reason is the fact that while the impact of human capital investments on the workers wages had been studied extensively, there had been little information on the direct effect of human capital on productivity. Labor productivity To date, however, there had been new studies conducted and published. ) Multifactor productivity measures show the utilization of multiple inputs (e.g., units of output per the sum of labor, capital, and energy or units of output per the sum of labor and materials). A total measure of productivity expresses the ratio of all outputs produced to all resources used. Motivation productivity This is related to how motivated a person is to perform a task (or activity). 

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