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How I stay productive when feeling unmotivated ✨ productivity tips

In the end, you would realize you are also increasing your productivity. Here are several useful guidelines. When setting goals for yourself, consider and know yourself really well first. That is because you should take into consideration your various skills, ability, talent, capacity, competency, and knowledge in achieving or executing your goals. Productivity Growth Factors The primary components that help determine labor productivity had already been identified. Capital deepening, labor quality, and total factor productivity are the elements that had been used in many of past applied productivity work. In capital deepening, workers are found to be more productive when they have more or better physical capital with which to work. Also, labor as an input factor is present in all phases. On the other hand, managerial resource (another important input factor) is not counted in such measures. However, the rest of the many concepts consign productivity in an output-input relationship, mostly relevant to a production system. This implies that there is an organization that works as a physical system with variables and other inter-relationships within. Their inclusion into the calculations makes them more difficult, makes them fuzzy, and dilutes the clarity of the measurements. Productivity Again, strictly speaking, measurements are numerical indexes. Productivity measurement is one. It is expected that the same inputs should produce the same outputs a number factor. Data-gathering Collecting data is an essential requirement in measurement. The three basic ways of collecting data on a phenomenon or system are inquiry, observation and documentation. Afterwards, the basics are done the outputs are evaluated against the inputs. Some writers put in some qualitative indicators which create problems, although the rest confine the discussion of productivity to simple O/I (output and input) factors. Phone calls are converted into text and can be saved and searched online. This service also allows you to use one phone number to be reached at all phones, which actually is another method of streamlining communications. Solutions The above services are examples that combine some aspects of communication. 

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