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The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen at TEDxClaremontColleges

One advantage of this is the fact that the index does not depend on who collected the data or when it was collected. Evaluation and measurement Measurement is the methodology of establishing the amount of wok involved in a work function. Evaluation is using measurements that are not strictly quantitative. Defining Productivity Productivity, as it is commonly understood, means many things in many other different fields. Even in business where it has its nearest relations, productivity is defined variously according to the aspect that is studied. (Reportedly, there are around 20 definitions of productivity related to business. The principle advises people to 'begin initiatives with the end result in mind'. You may readily infer that this assertion is intended to convince people to be results-oriented and at the same time be more productive. Looking further into the essence of the statement would definitely point to that direction. At the macro-economic level, labor productivity (GDP per worker) depends on the corresponding dynamics of two factors: GDP and employment. In short, productivity rises if the GDP (gross domestic product) increases faster than employment. Productivity increase Many factors help buoy up productivity increase. If possible, stop thinking at all times over something. This is because thinking would only bring in a mix of emotions that could be harder to handle and manage later on. To keep constant productivity, one must try to veer away from negative thoughts and only think of the things where he or she could something good. First, a standard is determined. Next, that standard (or benchmark) becomes the measure against which all future productions are to be measured against. In a country, the annual growth rate is being watched. Productivity growth rate is directly proportional to a person s wealth. If the levels of productivity rise, so does a person s buying power. 

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