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The manager lists down the types of work in the group, and breaks them down into detailed operations. The manager will then estimate how long each work process takes. Time diaries, estimates, work samplings and direct observations are some of the tools employed by Anthony (1984). The gathered data are analyzed by a computer, and reviewed to eliminate insignificant items. You should condition yourself to practice the standard. In every action and responsibility you do, make sure you do them accurately, effectively and diligently. Your work would be the proof of your competence and reliability. If you get used to doing standard and quality outputs, you would never get away with that habit. Productivity Measurement A Short History The year 1970 saw the publication of two books, Kuznets Economic Growth of Nations and Solow s Economic Growth in 1971. Unwittingly, it marked the start of a rare professional consensus on economic growth. In his book, Kuznets summarized his decades of empirical research. This second habit of highly effective people is mainly based in a premise that initiatives can be divided into two groups: the first being those conceived on mind and the second being initiatives done through action. As such, many experts claim that numerous aggressive endeavors fail because of failure on the mindset. Businesses are cutting back their employees work hours. Productivity is not only at a standstill in some places, it actually had gone down in some, too. Some businesses had their employees take one paid day off every pay schedule. Others have their office days only from Monday to Thursday while still others shortened their work days. Those could include finishing a long-overdue paperwork, starting immediately on a new project, or completing usual tasks. Do not overlook simple and small goals. Work to achieve those goals on a daily basis. You would be surprised how much work you could get done in a week and in a month. De-clutter your workstation. 

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