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Performance, however, is a broader term than productivity because it includes such factors as quality, customer satisfaction and worker morale. These are not easily quantified. Their inclusion into the calculations makes them more difficult, makes them fuzzy, and dilutes the clarity of the measurements. Experts say that once people realize that life is never-ending journey to learning, they will be able to find ways to their successes. To increase productivity, it is best never to stop learning because this opens up to new worlds of possibilities that are waiting to be explored. If one continues learning through read or by trying different things, he or she can gain more confidence to do things and start with new projects. It allows for easy integration of online information with voice interaction. With VoIP, it is possible to easily access and send files to someone you are speaking with. Mobile phones Today, mobile phones are now capable of playing a big role in unified communications because you can use them to retrieve calls, exchange information, and being able to access the web and IM programs. If the man was a consultant and was paid for it, it will show up as an S in the equation and would show no increase in the multifactor productivity output. On the other hand, if the idea was from a bright worker and was not paid, then there is no input recorded. In conventional accounting, that would register well as an increase in the multifactor productivity side. By starting small and simple, you are not putting too much pressure on yourself about the things that you need to do and what are you supposed to accomplished in a specific period of time. By starting small, you will be able to accomplish easier tasks and you can move on to bigger challenges ahead knowing that you have gone though the entire process. These questions are central to the accuracy of measuring capital as a factor in productivity. Labor quality This factor captures the increase and the quality of labor inputs from the ever-evolving and changing mix of workers. As the workforce evolves, workers with different skills are employed at different rates. 

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