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The Real Secret to Productivity: 3 Hacks To Being More Productive | Mel Robbins

) that showed a positive impact on labor productivity. Profit-sharing In manufacturing plants with profit-sharing schemes for non-managerial workers, there was a 7% higher labor productivity shown compared with their competitors in the same field. Those with R & D (research and development) had an average 6% increase. De-clutter your workstation. Is your office table always too crowded? There could be too many documents or piles of papers sitting on your table top. Getting your table clean is one gauge you are productive. Try to finish all the papers-to-do. Set aside or put out all unnecessary things like photo frames, figurines, books, or small ornaments. Despite the discouraging times, experts say that this not enough reason not to be productive. In fact, for many people, this can be a good opportunity to start anew. Studies show that hard times like these can serve as an inspiration to motivate a person to be productive. When one learns the concept of productivity, that person will be equipped to overcome difficulties and triumph over life's adversities. One is a physical measure where the total number of cars made in a period of time is divided by the number of worker-hours spent in producing them. The other way is a monetary measure. It is the total dollar value of cars produced in a given period of time divided by the total number of worker-hours needed to assemble them. The strongest objection to measurement of knowledge worker productivity is inaccuracy of the results. This productivity measurement is very valuable as a dynamic gauge, not a static measure. What this means is that since these inaccuracies are consistent, the dynamic measure will be an accurate indicator of the relative change. Some of the productivity measurement techniques are the following. Mundel (1989) Mundel created a computer software package that evaluates productivity. In it, direct adjustments for quality are excluded as well as raw materials. This is because the result is knowledge. Here, productivity is calculated using simple O/I algorithms. 

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