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The Secret to Productivity (as an ex-Google millionaire)

Sort documents and categorize them properly. Delete unnecessary files or store them in your backup or removable disk. Try not to get involved in informal chats with your officemates especially during office hours. This may seem hard but if you are truly focused on getting things done, you could easily do so. Trends In Productivity Productivity, defined as a measure of the amount of output per hour of work, is shown to be typically pro-cyclical. This means that productivity increases during economic upswings and slows down (or even declines) when the economy is in a downturn. Several causes have been forwarded to sustain this. Inflation One question posed by experts is the following: If productivity growth is inherently a real phenomenon and inflation is a monetary phenomenon, why is there a relationship? One possibility they had looked into is that higher inflation rates could distort the price mechanism. In turn, it could trigger reduced efficiency throughout the economy. But did you know how significant the action could be? Opportunities sometimes come surprisingly that the most organized among people often takes the edge. Opportunities that call swift and immediate action and response often come, so you should always be ready to have the necessary and useful data at hand. Once you set your goal, you would find that you are smooth-sailing to doing endeavors and efforts that would clearly and obviously lead to attainment of such a target. Thus, Covey's second principle is a necessity on a personal and management level. It is useful on a personal basis if you would use the principle to improve your performance and boost productivity. Calculations One gets the average economic productivity by dividing output value and (time or physical) units of input. In addition, if the production process uses only one factor (labor, for example), the procedure gives the productivity name of that factor. (In this case, labor productivity). If there is more than one input used for each factor, it is possible to compute by the same procedure its productivity. 

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