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How I Organize My Life - The "LAZI" Productivity System

Organizing your home life is something you should do and it should be started not tomorrow or the other day, but today. Procrastination is never useful. It is a hamper to productivity. Inability to move freely, quickly, and comfortably could also prevent productivity at home. There are practical ways to organize your home life and improve productivity. Having a positive outlook in life is also aids success in life. Seeing things in a positive light might seem easy for some people but many people are having a hard time in appreciating the brighter side of life. Maybe because people just have different personalities and different upbringing that affect the way they see life in general. Productivity Measurement A Short History The year 1970 saw the publication of two books, Kuznets Economic Growth of Nations and Solow s Economic Growth in 1971. Unwittingly, it marked the start of a rare professional consensus on economic growth. In his book, Kuznets summarized his decades of empirical research. However, in discussing productivity, different authors had allocated the use in different ways such terms as measurement , evaluation , performance , improvement , and productivity . Let us re-introduce them. Performance Strictly speaking, productivity is interpreted as output divided by input (O/I). In this calculation, all types of workers are essentially treated the same and receive identical weights. More difficult is the construction of an estimate of the aggregate labor that accounts for the changing composition of workers. Instead of simply summing up the hours, estimates use weights that are equal to marginal products. The most convenient and effective measure on how to start initiatives with the end result in mind is to initially formulate a working personal mission statement. Such a statement would have a person set goals and formulate ways on how such targets would be attained. Such is a usual activity of highly organized people. 

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