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The Strategy to 2x Your Productivity (that works!)

The measurement of productivity brings a qualitative dimension when effectiveness is factored in. However, the problem is that some components of productivity are easier to measure than others. Hours worked or materials consumed are easily quantifiable than the level of customer satisfaction, the product quality, or the extent of the staff s caliber. It contains variables and other inter-relationships within the precise group it belongs to (office, manufacturing plant, machinery systems, etc). It is also regarded as a stimulus-response model that an input causes an output. Universally, for purposes of simplicity, it is output divided by input. However, there is some confusion to this view. Small steps Being productive is not an easy task. It would require so much self-assessment as well as constant reflection over one's self, on his or her environment, the people that surround him or her and the overall condition of life that he or she is in. Studies show that once each of these has been thoroughly assessed, it will be easier to pave the way for continuous productivity. As one of the economic indicators, productivity is basically a measure of how efficiently an economy transforms its labor, capital, and raw materials into goods and services. Conventional productivity measurement In a car manufacturing plant, productivity measurement is straightforward. One is a physical measure where the total number of cars made in a period of time is divided by the number of worker-hours spent in producing them. You do not need to be an anti-social. You could still enjoy your office mates company during lunch or coffee breaks. You might as well join them at after-office get-togethers for some chit-chats. You are in the office to work, not to socialize. Report to work on time. Punctuality is an important factor to productivity. This will also be good for you because you can rest whenever you want to since nobody is breathing down your neck to finish something. - think and take one step ahead. To be able to increase productivity, you need to plan ahead and do things ahead of time so you will be given more opportunity or chance in case the first plan did not work. 

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