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How to Make Time for Everything You Want | Time Management & Productivity Tips ⏳

Keeping track of how good or bad you progressing with being productive will help you find ways that would best work for you. Those who are just starting with being productive, it is best to keep track of how you are doing so you will know where are the areas that you should improve on and what are the things that you should continue doing. Productivity growth rate is directly proportional to a person s wealth. If the levels of productivity rise, so does a person s buying power. The total economy in turn benefits from the increase. Most valuable resource Most productivity researchers have agreed that the world s most valuable resources are people. This was precisely the opposite of the conclusion that Kuznets (1971) and Solow (1970) reached 30 years later. Total factor productivity The total factor productivity (or efficiency) was introduced independently by Stigler and became the starting point for a major research program at the National Bureau of Economic Research. They show whether organizations are doing things right while giving no indication of whether an organization is doing the right things . Effectiveness It could be summarized as the maximization of efficiency as a value. In reality, this does not mean the greatest benefit for the cost, but the greatest measurable benefit for the measurable cost. The strategy is to bring real-time information to the plant floor on the actual production goal. These can either be displayed on a shift or job-based goal for everyone to refer to. The target must be displayed in real time, counted on the basis of the product s take time (length of manufacture from start to finish). Focus should be given to the second principle for highly effective people, as structured under Covey's highly publicized book. The principle advises people to 'begin initiatives with the end result in mind'. You may readily infer that this assertion is intended to convince people to be results-oriented and at the same time be more productive. 

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